Sarah (11 jaar)

Our daughter started to attend primary education in The Netherlands at the age of 11, which means she started in group 8. After group 8 secondary education in The Netherlands follows based on the advice of the primary school. Because earlier she was going to school in another EU state she had no portfolio with earlier CITO results. Her teacher advised us to have an IQ test for her, because that could help the school to give a proper advice to our daughter (together with her final CITO results) for her secondary education.

We searched on internet and found the KIND CENTRAAL website. We liked the KIND CENTRAAL approach and decided to contact Emke. After our first contact all arrangements were made very quickly and we agreed when our daughter would to take the IQ test. Of course, we were curious and she was all excited :-).

The test was going good. Sarah said it was all pleasant with no stress at all. The result of the test was really great. We knew our daughter was clever and that test just proved it. The test reflected exactly the way we knew our daughter. With the results of the IQ test, and the final CITO test, Sarah got the advice to continue in her studies on a HAVO-VWO level. 

We are glad that Emke’s testing supported our goal to get the right secondary education for our daughter. We are equally glad it helped our daughter to get the confidence she needed to go to a HAVO-VWO school. She now knows she can do it easily.